Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to the Neon Eon!

Really, Someone should write a song called "Welcome to the Neon Eon!"
They really should.
So, you know how to wear black and white, now I am going to show you just one wonderful way to wear neon.
Of course, a poem will be included.
And now...
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the moment you've all been waiting for,
a poem,
by The Fashioneur,
Welcome to the neon eon,
a bright,
blast of color,
from those outfits
that are quite duller.
It's neon,
its bright,
its loud,
it will surely draw a crowd,
when you're wearing neon
and you're proud.
That dark cloud
covering the sun,
wont ruin the bright fun,
the neon eon
brightens the day,
as the happy cows chomp on their hay.
Make sure you're summer
isn't a bummer,
add some neon,
and make this the neon eon.
Brightly shining,
never whining,
always bright and bold,
never one to get too cold.
Break the mold,
add that blast
of color,
you know it wont be the last.
Just wear those colors out,
without a sad pout.
Say hello to the neon eon today,
and let some neon cows,
chomp happily on their hay.

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