Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back to Black

Black Friday is just around the corner! If you can bear the craze, these are the top sales to hit early on the 23rd.
  1. H&M has advertised deals from $5. Select store locations open at midnight, so get there early!
  2. Target always has great deals on winter basics, from fuzzy socks to sweatshirts, lining the isles. Plus, they've got a great selection on gifts for everyone-all marked down!
  3. Athleta doesn't have any special sales, but will be offering fre fitness classes all day, complete with complimentary healthy snacks.
  4. Sears will be marking down thousands of items, from flatscreen TVs, to fine jewelry.
  5. JC Penny has tons of markdowns on basics like tees and swearers, plus a selection of other reduced household products.                      
  6. Macy's always has a huge selection of Black Friday deals, from kitchen appliances to the season's hottest sweaters. This is definitely a good place to go-whatever you're looking for.
  7. Gap is having fantastic Black (or, Bright, as they call it) sales past friday, into Saturday (online) and Sunday (in stores). Everything in the store is 60% off!
  8. Free People Is having a variety of different events and sales at their stores on black friday! Check it out on their website.
  9. New York and Company is having great sales all week, not just on Black Friday!
  10. Neiman Marcus, along with many specific sales, will be taking an extra 20% off purchases!
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and whether you're hiding or shopping this Black Friday, have fun-and don't get trampled in the stampedes of sleep deprived shoppers!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Made In Heaven: Eleven-Eleven

The lights dim and heads turn towards the spotlight that is illuminating the runway, Austin's most fashionable crowd goes silent to await a show they know will be nothing less than extraordinary.
Austin's own Stephen Moser is back, and more glamourous than ever. His return to the runway earlier this year was followed, this Sunday evening, by his latest stunning collection in an extravagant celebration that reunited Austin's fashion icons.

I dressed in mostly vintage for this event, the skirt I wore was originally from a boutique my mom owned when she was younger. I immediately fell in love with the shiny florals and fluid movement of the skirt.

From the fashionable guests to the elegant atmosphere, this event, held in the Driskill, was styled exquisitely. From the shows preceding Moser's, to his long anticipated collection, this night was truly spectacular.



The night's shows began with a collection for the modern, fit, and stylish woman, by designer Tina Johnson. 

Next was a presentation of heel embellishments by designer Roosevelt Cevallos.

The pace of the show slowed for a collection from Gail Chovan of Blackmail all in deep black tones.

As the first pieces of Moser's show drifted down the runway the audience sat in awe. This collection was a unique and stunning work of art.

Mid-runway hugs!

Although the entire collection was absolutely gorgeous, this dress was my favorite. It perfectly balances elegant, edgy, and modern styles with interesting geometric shapes and simplicity.

This collection was wonderful. Thank you Stephen Moser, for such an amazing night, you are truly amazing!