Sunday, November 28, 2010

High Fashion, Low Price: Thrift Stores

Each season, fashion from past years is brought back, but modified. This winter, the 50's and 80's were a big inspiration for the fashion industry. Leggings, big hair, big shirts, neon colors, clashing patterns-you can see the resemblance, but there is a huge difference. The past influences the future, in all aspects of life-including fashion.
One of the reasons I am so interested in fashion, is that it is a sort of metaphor for life, or a visual of life. For example, the past influences the future, and you can really see that in fashion. Fashion is a way for us to express ourselves, it is something we can see, that has more meaning than just beauty. It is a form of art that can show you the past and present. Fashion is something that we all see, but all interpret differently.
Thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive clothing from the past and sometimes the present. If you modify thrift store finds, as the fashion industry does, you can be at the height of fashion, without emptying your wallet. If you find the original source, you can get it for less,  like I said in my High Fashion, Low Price: Military Inspired post. Since you probably don't have a time machine, a thrift store is a great way to stay on top of fashion, without the high price.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

High Fashion, Low Price: Eternal Style

"Fashion fades, but style is eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent
The other day, a girl asked me for some fashion dos and don'ts. I quoted Yves Saint Laurent and then explained that fashion will always change, and since it is a form of art, you cant really label it as "fashionable" or "unfashionable", just like you cant label a painting as "artistic" or "unartistic". What it is will change from person to person. Each season, new trends develop, so something could be "so last season" making it out of fashion, but not unfashionable in everyones mind. Classics like the Little Black Dress are great examples of eternal style, it never goes out of style.
Right now, stores are getting rid of there fall merchandise and it is all on sale, 40%, 50%, 60%, even 70% off in some stores. If you go shopping, look for eternal style, not fashion from this season. It will last you for a long time, it will never go out of style.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last year UGGs were often symbolic for a fashion disaster, but this fall, UGGs are fashionable (and comfortable). This season alone, UGG has created many new styles, it even teamed up with Jimmy Choo.

This is the UGG and Jimmy Choo and some different types of UGGs

lassic Tall Grey Boot
190 GBP -
Ugg australia boots »

149 GBP -
Ugg australia boots »

Ugg Mokassins Dakota Grey
139 EUR -
Cardigan tops »

UGG® Australia Coquette
$100 -
Slip on slippers »

UGG Logo

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Colors

Why do holidays have color themes? How are these colors chosen?
I could make up an answer, but I wont. Honestly, I really don't know.
I can't really tell if I like it or not, though. It's great to wear red and green around Christmas, it makes you feel extra festive, but if you wear red and green in July you feel like a lost elf. Holiday colors ruin some color combinations in other seasons. Whenever I see orange and black, or orange and purple, I immediately think of Halloween. That color combination has been ruined for me.
Holiday colors are nice-when it's holiday time.

Here are some popular holiday color combinations:

New Years: gold, silver, white

Valentines Day: pink, red

St. Patrick's Day: green, green, and more green

April Fools Day: green, again

Easter: blue, green, yellow, pink, purple

Independence Day (4th of July): red, white, blue

Halloween: black, orange, purple, green

Thanksgiving: brown, orange, yellow

Christmas: red, green, silver, gold, white

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Under 100: Just for Fun

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

High Fashion, Low Price: Military Inspired

The Military look is big this fall, but it can be expensive. Fashion is always inspired by something, so if you go back to the original source, you will find fashion in it's most basic form, and for less money. You can find inexpensive military items like jackets, hats, boots, and bags, at military surplus stores. What you buy at military surplus stores will be made for the military, so if you want to glamorize them a little bit you can bedazzle the shoulders, add patches, embroider them, etc.
U.S. Navy Black Dress Jacket with Silver buttons
$15.99 at
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Under 100: Casual

Under 100 is a series of posts (starting with this) about outfits that are under 100 dollars. My first post in this series is a casual outfit.


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