Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New York Times says, (Kind Of)

In the New York Times, Thursday Styles today, I saw an add for Barneys New York. It said, "Have a Witty Holiday". The Holiday Season, is pretty much over. Today is New Years Eve.
Here are my thoughts:

  • Yes, I will have a "Witty Holiday" Next Year.
  • Witty and Kitty rhyme. That has nothing to do with anything, but I did in fact (I did not know that in fact, was two words) think about that.
  • The definition of witty, 

    possessing wit in speech or writing; amusingly clever in perception and expression: a witty writer.
    characterized by wit: a witty remark.
    British Dialectintelligent; clever.

    So I should have an amusingly clever holiday, or an intelligent holiday, next year? Okay, I'll write that down.

Thanks to My Readers!

Thanks to my readers, if there are any of you out there. You make this blog, a blog. Without you, I am just a writer. But if anyone is reading this, I am a blogger.
So, Thanks!

The New York Times says,

Today in the New York Times (Thursday Styles), there was an article about how African culture inspired many designers. In my mind, this translates to, not much is happening right now, so we are going to write about something that has been happening for a long time, and make it sound like news. The people who read Thursday Styles, know about fashion, and this is not new news to them. I am not quite sure why they put that in there, I guess they just needed to use space, or they were trying to inform people who glanced at the title, or something like that. I guess, the answer is, because it is fashion, and fashion is just weird (even though it is called Thursday Styles, not Thursday Fashions).
Confused? Fashion is confusing.

What is Fashion Anyways? continued

First, I must apologize for my typos and overuse of commas.
And now I will continue.
Fashion and style, can be whatever you want them to be. But what you want them to be, is not necessarily what others want them to be. Which explains why you see people in boxes, with stripes and waves, walking the runway.
Next time you are wondering why people look so funny in the clothes they are wearing, this is probably this answer, because it is fashion, and fashion is just weird.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So what is fashion anyways?

What is fashion?
Just to make things clear, Fashion and Style, are two completely different things. Fashion is art. Style is beauty. All fashion is supposed to be stylish, but the reality is, that only some fashion is stylish. Fashion is like art on people, there are some things I see on the runway, that I would never wear. People in boxes, with stripes, and waves, is this really fashion? Yes.
Ever heard someone say "Its what's on the inside that counts"? This is true, you can't judge someone just by how they look. But, people who say this, get dressed up when they go out to dinner, and don't wear their P.J's all day (well, many of them do, actually), and brush their hair. Why? Because they do care how they look. Even though it doesn't count, supposedly.
Yes. It is confusing. Very confusing.
This brings us to another topic, why do we care how we look? Do we want to look good for other people, or ourselves? I think this is different for everyone. We wear things for many reasons, here are just a few,
  • We want to look cool, and we want others to think we are cool (or hip, or whatever you want call it)
  • We want to show our personality
  • We want to be comfortable
  • We are happy when we look good
  • Or, we are forced into clothing (like sweaters made by grandma, really, really frilly dresses, or huge puffy snow jackets) by our mothers
to be continued...

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