Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its a Deg! Short Story By The Fashioneur (Yes, it has anything to do with fashion. Wait! No it doesn't)

Charles and Suzie are walking down the street in New York. Charles can't speak english properly, Suzie can. Suzie is supposed to teach Charles english. She is very enthusiastic. (No she is not.)

Charles: "Look! It's a deg!"
Suzie: "What's a deg?"
Charles:"A deg is deg, like that one right there,"
Suzie:"You mean a dog?"
Charles:"Yes a deg!"
Suzie: "You say DOG not DEG!"
Charles: "Deg, I know, thats what I said."
Suzie: "No. Dog. Dog. Dog. Not deg!"
Charles: "Yes. I said deg. Deg. Deg. Deg. Not dog!"
Suzie: "You say dog! Not deg!
Charles: "Deg."
Suzie: (Sigh) "Okay, say deg."
Charles: "Oh, dog."
Suzie: (Sigh)

5 Minutes Later.

Charles: "Look! Its a talkcy"
Suzie: "A talkcy?! What?!"
Charles: "You know, one o' them yellow caus."
Suzie: "Yeah, a taxi, yellow car"
Charles: "Yeah, a talkcy, a yellow caur"
Suzie: (Sigh) "You say taxi, not talkcy!"
Charles: "Yeah, talkcy."
Suzie: "Okay no, you say talkcy."
Charles: "Oh, Taxi."

10 Minutes Later.

Charles: "Look its a deg, in a talkcy, next to another yello caur!"
Suzie: (Sigh) "Yeah. Its a deg, in a talkcy, next to another yello caur. Yay. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me." (Sarcastically)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion, Commonly Mispronounced Words and Names

Word:           Correct Pronunciation:     Incorrect
Chanel                 Sh-ah-nel           Ch-ah-nel (Like TV Channel)

Dolce                   Dol-che                          Dol-se
(& Gabbana)

Couture               Coach-ur                         Coat-tour

Bvlgari               Bull-ga-ree                    Buv-la-ga-ree

Yves                     Eeev                              Yeev-es
(Saint Laurent)

Givenchy          She-van-she                     Give-en-she

Louboutin            Loo-boo-tin                   Lou-bu-tein

If you have more, please comment! I know I did not include all!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Title: (I actually have one today) My Thoughts on Michael Kors, Fall 2010- Poetry Version

I know what your thinking. Your thinking, oh no, poetry, this is not good, but, it is good. It really is. I think.
Michael Kors, Fall 2010-
It's strange to me,
as I am staring out the window at a tree,
that it's not even spring yet,
although it is kind of sunny today,
that I have just met.
Then, Michael Kors comes along,
singing a sunny song,
with all his colors on clothes,
on people walking in rows,
showing me what to wear in the fall,
when the truth is,
its not even close at all.
I find this funny,
like a polka dotted bunny,
singing sunny,
along with Michael Kors.
So back to Michael Kors,
now there will not be an add about your pores,
or your blue shoes,
or Blues Clues.
I am going to tell you about his show,
the colors were likeso,
not bright as usual though,
some colors like pinto,
a bean,

Now that you know,
what color started the show,
I will inform you,
and I must warn you,
that there were colors, 
like no others,
that Michael Kors normally uses,
because he refuses,
to go colorless.
This he must have gone past,
because I am sure this is coming fast,
the show was quite plainly colored,
but still amazing,
and still a doughnut with glazing,
not plain and lazy.

Now I will show you some really cool ones,
Like this one, who could could be the wife of Atilla of the Hun.

This is all grey,

and this one could probably pass for hay.

This one looks like Taylor Swift,
or 1930's red carpet thrift.

These are some more,
of my favorites galore.

Thank you for listening to my glistening poetry,
and letting me inform you poetically, and heroically.
I hope you liked my poem,
and get to go to Rome,
and squish some squishy foam,
or just be lazy at home.
This is my poem,
please write it on a stone,
and put it in a bottle, to send away,
for everyone to rattle,
and for some cattle.

Me: Not to bad
Myself: Yeah, pretty good.
I: I know, I know, I rock.
Me: Me rock too!
Myself: Myself rock too!
I: No you must be I, I, to say, I rock.
I: I rock.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Title: Okay, I'm thinking... Oh! I got it! Ehhh...Never mind... Hmmm... Maybe... Nah... What about-? No, that wouldn't work... Come on, help me here

I don't know what to write about. How about the fact that I don't know what to write about.

My Excuse:
My dog ate my title

The Actual Reason:
I don't know what to write about

Something I could be writing about:
I don't know, thats why I am not writing anything other than this

Anything Else?

Why Not?

Why the sky is blue:
It just is.

Why the grass is green:
Because it likes to be green. Everyone should be eco-friendly, so why not the grass?

Why clouds are red:
They aren't. Normally.

Why I am not writing about something else:
Didn't we already go over this?

Because of the Wonderful Wizard of OZ, okay?

Any more questions? Actually, I don;t want to know, I just don't want any more questions.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Apparel

Portlander designs Olympic clothing
(As shown in the video↑) The three must haves for Olympic apparel:

  1. The official olympic emblem-can be a patch, embroidery, or applique
  2. Must be the official pallet, based off of blues and greens, the sea to sky pallet
  3. Imagination

(Both Photos From:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hats, Hats, Hats

What is fashion without hats? Incomplete.
Fashion is fashion without hats, its just the worst fashion ever.
No, you didn't guess it, I am not going to show you some funny hats. Sorry.
I am going to tell you about ways to wear a hat, on your head.
1. On your head.
2. Tilted to the left, on your head
3. Tilted to the right, on your head.
4. Tilted to the front, on your head.
5. Tilted to the back, on your head.
6. Upside down, on your head.
7. Not, on your head.
8. Falling off, on your head. (Wait! That doesn't make sense!)
9. In front of your face.
10. Pinned to your head, on your head.

Happy Hat Wearing!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes. What is fashion without shoes?! Nada. Nothing. Nope.
And now, the moment we have all been waiting for...
Some interesting high heels

You cant walk on water, but you can walk on bubbles.
High heels were not enough, they needed vertical heels.

The high fashion version of fuzzy slippers.

You walk, then fall backwards, walk, fall backwards. They are see-saw shoes.

First I must say that these are Alexander McQueen shoes.
Steps to make these shoes: Take a slab of metal, cut a slit in it, and pour some glitter on top.

Why dance under a disco ball, when you can dance over a disco ball?

These shoes aren't even that interesting, compared to the rest of them. Next, all you need is the fish tank under your feet.

High heels. Hmm... doesn't say anything about the bottom of the shoe (or the aliveness of the bottom of your foot, which would be poked to death by that little claw thing!).


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New York Times says...and all things Yes...

Yes, I am back at it, talking about the New York Times.
"A Cinderella Whose Sneakers Fit Just Fine"
Yes, I did make the link purple.
Yes, I do think that Yes, needs to be capitalized every single time it is used.
Yes, it is an awesome article.
Yes, You should read it.
Yes, You.
Yes, you should just go on and read it.
Yes, you should really read it.
Yes, you will like it, I think.
No, the article is not purple.
Yes, I am really sorry.
Yes, today i am feeling purplish.
Yes, purple.
No, not red, purple.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grammys Worst Dressed, In My Opinion

My comments:

Britney Spears: "This is the Grammys, not a pool party."

Fergie: "Oh no! There's a snake crawling up your dress!"

Ciara: "Sorry, the Tribal War Convention was last weekend."

Heidi Klum: "Psst, Your still in your nightgown!"

Beyonce: "Your grandmas dress fits you nicely!"

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