Saturday, May 28, 2011

Featured Brand: Mod Cloth

Sheer dress
$70 -

Knitted Dove dress
$90 -

Seychelles vintage day dress
$105 -

Flower dress
$48 -

Long top
$27 -

Frock the Boats
$70 -

Summer shoes
$60 -

Sling back heels
$35 -

Leather handbag
$158 -

Metal jewelry
$30 -

Surfing Style iPad Case
$35 -

The Fashioneur

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music: Singles vs. Albums

Over the past couple of years I have wondered why more artists are producing singles instead of albums. After wondering this for quite some time I realized that artists who produced more singles and less albums would hit the top charts faster and more often.
Sadly, most popular artists can produce a bad song, and it can still be popular, just because it is by a popular artist. When an they produce a song on an album, listeners will pick a few favorite songs on the album, that are usually the best ones. Most people will enjoy the same songs and those songs become more popular. Thats how they get on the top charts. The other songs in the album don't make as much money.
If the artist had instead produced each song on the album as a single, each single about three months apart, each song would be as popular as the best songs would in an album, just because that was the new music out by that artist.
It is like buying anything. For an example, lets use shirts. If there are ten shirts and you want to buy some shirts, how many would you pick out? Maybe five? Most likely you would pick your favorites. If the store put one shirt out on display every week, you might be more likely to buy more shirts, even if you don't like them as much.
It's all about where the spotlight is, whatever a popular artist draws attention to, many people will follow, but they cant follow multiple things at once, so you release things in pieces to make more money and popularity.

Fashion is inspired by art. Patterns that you can find in art (like music) will usually apply to fashion and other forms of art. Trend predicting? It's all about patterns. When you can figure out what the patterns are you can predict what will come in the future. These types of patterns work with so much. Patterns like this can even be applied to the stock market. All by wondering, what will come next?

The Fashioneur

Saturday, May 14, 2011


What to Wear?

I'm really having trouble figuring out my style. I don't like anything too crazy, but I don't like too casual as well. Any advice? Thanks!

To figure out your "style" here are a couple things to ask yourself and think about.

  • What do you want people to notice about your appearance? (ex: slim waist)
    • This can help you decide what types of clothes will look good on you. If you want to accentuate something, try to draw attention to it with brighter colors, patterns, etc. Don't wear things that distract from your natural beauty, though. Fashion should add to what you already have, it shouldn't cover you.
  • What don't you want people to notice about your appearance? (ex: short neck)
    • This is just as important. Don't draw too much attention to this. For the example, a v-neck or scoop neck might help elongate your neck, but don't wear too much jewelry, etc. that will draw attention.
  • What do you feel comfortable wearing? (ex: heels?)
    • Don't wear things you don't feel comfortable in. You will later regret it.
  • What type of clothing will be practical for your lifestyle? (ex: if you go in nature a lot, maybe a more athletic style would be most practical)
    • Don't wear things that will interfere with your daily activities.
  • Do you have a fashion idol? (ex: Audrey Hepburn)
    • You can get inspiration from this person. That doen't mean copy them, just allow yourself to open up to new ideas and maybe think about their style when deciding on your own.
  • What is your budget? Most people have one, although most people wish they didn't. (ex: under $200 for an outfit)
    • Five words: Don't. Go. Over. Your. Budget. Trust me, you can find it for less. Somewhere. 

The Fashioneur

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Under $100: Spring Casual

H m dress
20 GBP -

H&M canvas shoes
3.99 GBP -

Cooperative oversized bag
$38 -

Fashionably, The Fashioneur