Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to: Pronounce Designer Names

This post is dedicated to one of my friends, you know who you are. She went to New York and when she came back she said she saw a "Gucky" store.
"You mean, Gucci?" I asked.
"No, Gucky" She replied, confident.
"I think it's called Gucci." I encouraged.
"I'm pretty sure it's Gucky" She insisted.
"It's Gucci, not 'Gucky"."
Our conversation went on like this for a while.
Later she asked if a bag was "Pray-da" (Prada), and once I had corrected her she asked, Wait, it's not pronounced 'Channel' (Chanel) either, is it?" .
I know I already did a designer pronunciation post, but this is a continuation. Obviously, I did not cover every designer, so here are some tips to help you pronounce designer names or avoid trying to.

  1. If you have no clue how to pronounce the name, say "is that, oh, um..." as if you briefly forgot the name. The other person may fill in if the name.
  2. If you have some idea of how to pronounce the name say it quietly and quickly so any mistakes are barely audible.
  3. Take your chances, pronounce the name wrong and hope the other person doesn't know that designer or how to pronounce the name.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

When and What To Buy

The other day someone asked me if it was a good idea to buy lace tights/leggings, at this point, it isn't a good buy. The season is almost over (long gone in the fashion industry) and lace tights/leggings were a must have this fall, but in the spring they wont be. At this point it is important to buy eternal style items like LBDs (little black dresses), classic holiday scarves, etc. Things that never go out of style, and are on sale now. The best time to go shopping for the hottest items of the season is right after trends have developed. You get a few key pieces that will make fashion practically effortless and add on pieces as the season goes on. In the middle of the season it is sometimes good to buy some more key items, but not too many. Never buy those key pieces at the end of the season, they wont last you long.
I'm sure you have heard the saying "shop in your own closet first", maybe you haven't heard it before-but that isn't the point. As I have said many time before, just as history repeats itself, fashion repeats itself. Of course, not the exact same thing happens, just as it doesn't in history, but modern fashion is based of of past fashions. Each season, look in your own closet first, maybe you have some items that you wouldn't have been caught dead in two years ago, but now are at the height of fashion. You can modify your old clothes yourself if you feel they are too old or way to 80s (for example).
Bottom line, don't buy current fashion items at the end of the season.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Ad

I love this ad!

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Under 100: Great Holiday Gifts

I am doing a different version of Under 100each item in the set will be under 100 dollars in this holiday gift version. All of the items in the set are listed below the set with website links.

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB
$46 -

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