Friday, August 24, 2012

Case in Point: The Stylish iPhone Case Dilemma

I do not drop my iPhone off bridges, I do not throw it 60 feet across parking lots, I do fling it into bon fires. But yes, much like your average iPhone owner, I occasionally drop my phone on the sidewalk. This is where my dilemma arises. I do not need one of these...
 The Griffin Survivor
Or even one of these...

The Otter Box Defender
Something like this...
Speck CandyShell
I like the idea of a hard and soft case, without the bulk. This led me to Speck's collection of more colorful cases, which seemed like the perfect choice: Protective, colorful, sleek, and affordable (at only $35). Apparently everyone else thinks the same thing. I began to notice that every other iPhone user had a Speck CandyShell case. The two less popular color combo's I liked the most were the FineWine Burgundy and Sunflower/Peacock. Remembering the broken edge (at the bottom, in front of the USB port) on my old Speck case, and how much fun a unique case can be, I decided to keep looking. 

The next brand I looked at was Case Mate. I liked the idea of having multiple designer's design their more stylish cases, any of which you could purchase as a "tough case", which had the basic back cover with a cute design, and a rubber case that wrapped around the front edges. The only problem? I didn't find any designs I loved, and the black rubber doesn't look great. These are my favorite of the designs.

Then I fell in love with this Case-Mate tortoise shell case. The major problem? It provides little to no protection for my phone. I then decided to compromise. 

I concluded that I would be okay buying a super cute hard case (with no rubber) as long as it wrapped around the front edges of my phone. I had seen some cute designer cases like that, so I began my search into the wonderful world of designer iPhone cases, most of which are around $40. Only a few designer's have hard cases that wrap around the front. I found the most that I liked from Kate Spade.

I would suggest buying designer cases from Nordstroms, they have a great selection both in-store and online, and they ship online orders for free. I ended up with this super cute Kate Spade Composition Notebook case, $40 from Nordstroms. The design is simple and stylish, it's a unique case, and the black and white will go with every outfit!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Austin Fashion Awards

The Austin Fashion Awards last night brought all of Fashion Week together. From fashion enthusiasts to local celebrities, the awards were styled with sophistication and elegance, without sacrificing the fun of a party with Austin's trendiest crowd.

My outfit of the night...

Dress: Zara, Bag: Vintage Nardini

 Shoes: Audrey Brooke

Thank you to Gerry Hanan for taking these amazing photos of me!
Copyright 2012 Gerry Hanan of Hananexposures

At one of the most stylish events of the year, it was hard to pick which fashionably dressed attendees to photograph. Here's a look at some of the style both on and off the red carpet.

Sheridan Butler of Fashionably Austin

Matt and Kara Swinney

I got to meet the fabulous Chronicle fashion columnist, Stephen Moser.

I also saw Isabella Rose, the 11 year old local designer for tweens.

It was amazing to meet Linda Asaf, one of my favorite Austin Designers!


I loved this bold gold eyeshadow!

"Send this picture to my mom." -Host Sandy McIlree

The first show had mash up team models walk the runway in full outfit, hair, and makeup. As if they were stepping from the picture itself, these phenomenal looks pranced down the runway, leaving the audience in awe.

A few highlights from the show...

I love the cut out detail in this dress by mash up team Papel Picado.

And the winning team, of both the Timothy White and People's Choice Awards, Step Gold.
Their winning photograph.

The next show was comprised of gorgeous looks from Kendra Scott.

Next came the modern, glamourous style of the Ciarla show.

The Ross Bennet showcased the balance of unconventional details and a classic, elegant style that he is known for. The show was a refreshing twist on modern fashion.

I loved the open back on this top!

The last show of the night featured sophisticated looks for the modern tomboy by Margarita Sapala

Congratulations to the winner's of last night's awards,

Timothy White Award (Mash Up Team) Step Gold
Peoples Best Choice Mash Up Team Award Step Gold

Rising Star Award
Christian Ramirez
Michelle Weisman
Kirsten Dickerson
Lauren Polt
Ross Bennett

Trailblazer Award
Dawn Younger-Smith
Alyssa Bayer
Sue Webber
Patty Hoffpauir 
Gail Chovan