Sunday, May 20, 2012

Comfy. Casual. Chic. It's Almost Finals Week!

Finals. Because we may explode with the joy that the school year is almost over if we don't have some dread to suffer through.
When you roll out of bed in the morning the week of finals, the last thing on your mind is what you're wearing. So I like to keep it simple, comfortable, but still super cute! This is your guide to EASY, comfortable, and fuss-free outfits for finals, all comprised of stuff you probably already own.

A few tips for finals week...

First of all, always put your hair up! There's nothing more annoying than your hair falling into your face during a test.
Secondly, always bring a jacket or sweater, especially if it's hot outside, that means the AC is going to be freezing inside!
And third, don't stress! You can do this.

Athletic Look

Athletic clothing is super comfy and can be super cute! Pair bright athletic shorts or sweats with a bright tank or tee for an easy sporty look.

Cozy Look

Leggings and a t-shirt is another great, simple, and easy outfit, especially if it's still little chilly out.

Good Luck!

The Fashioneur

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Color Inspiration

I'm falling in love
with color.

created on





Fresh Citrus

Steven Alan block top
$198 -
J Crew long skirt
$60 -
Jimmy Choo wedge shoes
$595 -
Orange handbag
$53 -
Yellow earrings
$12 -


Neon by fashioneur featuring a yellow shirt

Splendid yellow shirt
$95 -

Miss Selfridge highwaisted shorts
$26 -

Brian Atwood platform pumps
$795 -

Ben Amun stacking bangle
$105 -

created on Polyvore, click image for details

 (generates random colors)

Where to go for color inspiration... generates random color schemes allows you to create your own color schemes leads you to many other color websites a brief summary of color psychology an efficient tool for color scheme design

The Fashioneur

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beauty Essentials for Summer 2012

This summer's beauty trends are comprised of two color extremes, bright and neutral.

Go Bright

Bright Eyes

Louise Gray

Summer 2012 Beauty: Bright Eyes

Beauty Is Life matte eye shadow
$25 -

Lancôme metallic eyeshadow
$18 -

Lancôme metallic eyeshadow
$18 -

Urban decay eyeshadow
$18 -

Lancôme shimmer eyeshadow
$18 -

Maybelline eyeshadow
$5 -

Bright Lips

Jason Wu

Summer 2012 Beauty: Bright Lips

Maybelline lipstick
€75 -

Maybelline lipstick
€75 -

Tom ford lipstick
£36 -

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$32 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$24 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$24 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
£19 -

Butter London lip gloss
$17 -

Go Neutral


Derek Lam

Summer 2012 Beauty: Natural

Yves Saint Laurent metallic eyeshadow
$52 -

Bare Escentuals matte foundation
$27 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$24 -

Benefit Cosmetics brown mascara
£17 -

Dark Smoky Eye


Summer 2012 Beauty: Dark Eyes

Christian Dior mascara
$29 -

Christian Dior bright eyeshadow
€28 -

Stila eyeliner
$22 -


The Fashioneur