Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to Wear: Sleepwear Inspired

The sleepwear inspired looks flooding the red carpet can be chic, if you can pull it off. These red carpet looks are glamourous, the from the silky fabric to complex and elegant patterns.

Teen Vogue's take on the look reflects how hard it can be to wear the sleepwear inspired look.
In this look, from TeenVogue, model Rebecca Shugart wears pajamas with jewelry I suppose was intended to dress up the look. The article discussed how overrated the conventional prom dress is, and encourganged readers to wear pajamas to prom instead. The article was heavily criticized, and I can see why. This outfit looks like a mess, though. Contrasting trends (relaxed vs. glamourous) make for great ensembles, but too much contrast results in a look that is all over the place. The key word in sleepwear inspired looks is "inspired". Teen Vogue took less inspiration from pajamas, and instead, used just pajamas. This was an especially bad choice for a prom look.

Here are a few ways to get the sleepwear inspired look for a variety of occasions.


The sleepwear inspired look can easily be modified for a cute casual look.

For this look, tuck a cotton pajama top into a pair of boyfriend jeans and pair it with a belt, sandals, and slouchy bag. Same color belt, sandals, and bag really tie the outfit together by incorporating a common element throughout the outfit.

Casual Sleepwear Inspired Look

Bodas striped top
$94 -

Denim jeans
$220 -

Melie Bianco satchel handbag
$99 -

Linea Weekend leather belt
£32 -


To make the sleepwear inspired look more professional, pair a silk button down pajama top with slacks, pointed heels and a satchel. Using all neutral colors will make the look more sophisticated.

Professional Sleepwear Inspired Look

Lafayette 148 New York pocket pants
$228 -

La Fee Verte silk pajamas
$122 -

Python handbag
£110 -


For a formal sleepwear inspired look, you can either go with the sleepwear top and bottom, or just the top.

If your going to do the entire set, get a silk sleepwear set. If the majority of the outfit is going to be pajamas, you have to take every opportunity to dress it up. Choose colors from the pajamas for the other items in the outfit( shoes, bag, jewelry) and keep the jewelry simple and elegant.

In the look below I chose to use black pajamas with a white trim and then have everything else in the outfit silver.

If you're going to use just the top of a pajama set, wear it with a pleated maxi skirt, heels, and a clutch.

In the look below I used the same silk shirt from the professional look, and kept a similar color scheme but dressed it up with the heels and clutch.

Formal Sleepwear Inspired Look

TIBI pleated maxi skirt
£525 -

La Fee Verte silk pajamas
$122 -

Steve Madden platform high heels
$91 -

ASOS leather handbag
$87 -

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