Sunday, March 18, 2012

Style X

I met a lot of amazing people yesterday at Style X (and on the city bus on the way there).

First I checked out Unstitched Untilities, which creates environmentally friendly shoes out of Tyvek, a recycled material that looks and feels a lot like paper but is very durable (you can read more in the image below) I am a big fan of environmentally conscious brands and absolutely loved these shoes!


Next I checked out Tar and Feather. This company perfectly combines delicate and rough styles to create the ultimate glam-grunge look.

We've all seen bags and pouches made of tabs from cans, but Walleska Ecochicc takes it to a whole new level. Shirts, dresses, bags, coats, you name it. Many recycled products end up looking trashy but these trendy pieces had a certain amount of elegance to them.

American Apparel set up an entire print shop in their space...

 LuLu's brought just a little taste of their abundance of gorgeous clothes that were angled slightly more towards younger audiences. LuLu's provides fun pieces that are affordable and trendy for any event.

Cavortress is the perfect place to find fun, vintage pieces and classic swimwear with a modern twist.

 Julie Wheat,  CEO of Cavortress

 By Samii Ryan had some adorable feather pieces that compliment the perfect boho-chic look.
Samii Ryan

These amazing sunglasses by Lumete eyewear caught my eye as I was passing by. I loved the detail in the temples and flecks of color. Overall, gorgeous

More fashion with a cause! I had seen this line at the Blanton Museum of Art before, but yesterday I got to see even more from this amazing company, Raven and Lily. Their pieces are made with recycled  bullets and crafted by women in war-torn countries.

The lovely panel!

Check out Indiana Adams' (above) blog: Adored Austin

Jessica Amason from Refinery 29

Some of my favorite looks of the day...

Joanna Wilkinson of Keep Austin Stylish

The Fashioneur

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