Thursday, October 11, 2012

New GW by Goodwill Boutique

Last weekend I visited the new GW by Goodwill boutique. I've been to the much smaller one on Bee Caves and I absolutely love it. These brilliant boutiques are full of designer finds at the same prices as regular Goodwills. My good friends Leonardo D'Almagro turned me on to this new location, as he was part of the team participating in their opening day event. He provided styling tips to customers attending the fabulous grand opening a couple weeks ago.

The environment of the store is very open and welcoming, it obviously carries a large selection, but looks organized and tidy-a major difference between this boutique and other Goodwills around town. It provided an atmosphere that supported a pleasant shopping experience that wasn't overwhelming, like many thrift shops can be.

All the items are fairly inexpensive, much like the prices of other Goodwills, but the quality of the products heris much nicer. There weren't as many pieces from extremely high end designers like Prada, Chanel, etc., but there was a lot of really nice, good quality merchandise from companies like Bannana Republic, Vera Wang, Ann Taylor, etc. I think one of the best things to buy someplace like this is designer jeans, which are usually very expensive. At a nice thrift or consignment shop you can usually find a great pair of jeans in good condition at a fantastic price. There were tons of great jeans at the GW boutique in all different styles and sizes.

The shoe selection was especially stunning!

Additionally, when you buy from Goodwill you know it's going towards a good cause. "Goodwill supports so many people who are struggling for one or other reason in their life" explains D'Almagro. "Thanks to goodwill they have training and support to go back and be productive in our community," As a young entrepenuer in the fashion industry, I find projects like these, fashion making a difference, to be one of the best ways to give back in a community. It's a win-win situation! As he puts it, "I like (Goodwill) because you are not only saving money, but you are also supporting an organization that help so many people to be reincorporated into our society."

The boutique is located at 3910 Far West Blvd Austin, TX 78731 (map).

I highly recommend this boutique, my shopping experience there was very enjoyable and I cannot wait to return.

Thank you to the amazing Leonardo D'Almagro for letting me know about this wonderful project!


  1. My dear friend Miranda, is always a pleasure to support your fabulous Blog, also I want to thank you for all the support your provide to our fashion community with your fantastic work.


    Leonardo D'Almagro